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Choosing Your Wedding Ceremony Music

Wedding Ceremony at West Tower, Augton
Wedding Ceremony at West Tower, Augton

Music has always played a huge role in a wedding ceremony with the most anticipated part being of course, the wedding processional music. Choosing the music for your wedding ceremony can be a difficult task, do you go the for the traditional 'Bridal March (Here Comes the Bride)' or 'Canon in D' or something more modern like a chart song or music from your favourite romantic movie? It's entirely up to you as it's your big day, but whatever you choose, try to select a piece that you will feel comfortable walking down the isle to and something that hopefully holds some significance to one, if not both of you. A pianist or live musician performing your ceremony music makes all the difference to the emotional impact and effect with you and your guests on the day.

A live pianist can judge exactly when the music should come to a natural musical end as they watch you make your big entrance and walk up the aisle to meet your groom with no awkward mid-song fade-outs or worse still - sudden stops! The music can be re-arranged by the pianist so the most recognizable parts of the song or music is played at just the right moment. If the ceremony music is provided by the venue it is often a secondary afterthought as they have other things keeping them busy during a wedding day but for a professional wedding pianist, providing the wedding music is what we do.

Wedding Ceremony at Peckforton Castle
Wedding Ceremony at Peckforton Castle

Music for when the guests are arriving, signing of the register and recessional (exit of the bride and groom) can also be played. If you need some inspiration to help you choose your wedding music, please take a look at my extensive playlist for a few ideas

Including a vocalist to perform your favourite song for your wedding ceremony is also a great option as a live vocal and piano duo can also adapt their performance to suit the timing of the wedding ceremony. If your favourite song is not already on our playlist we will endeavour to learn it for you

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